【Person who comes by train】

【Access from the "Tokyo" area】
・From JR Katsunuma-budōkyō Station
  • Take the Koshu city Citizen Bus 'Grape Course 1' from JR Katsunuma-budōkyō Station to 'Todoroki Kominkan mae' bus stop (19 minutes) and 10 minutes walk.
  • Approximately 10 minutes by taxi.(around 1,500 yen)
*Day of the week, it might express does not stop by the time zone. Please check the timetable sure.

From JR Enzan Station
  • Approximately 15 minutes by taxi.(around 1,800 yen)

【Access from the "Kohu" area】
・From JR Yamanashi-shi Station
  • Approximately 10 minutes by taxi.(around 1,500 yen)

【Person who comes by car】

From Chuo Expressway "Katsunuma IC" exit 10 minutes
  • Go to the exit of the Chuo Expressway Katsunuma IC to the left "Kofu - Isawa" direction
  • It merges with the national road No. 20 "Katsunuma bypass", the fifth signal "Minaminoro Senbeiji" and turn right.
  • The second turn left at the signal "Todoroki", about 400m away on the right side.
From Chuo Expressway "Ichinomiya Misaka IC" exit 10 minutes
  • Out of the toll gate, to the right "Kawaguchiko" direction.
  • It merges with the National Highway 137, and turn left at the second signal "Hachimanbashi Minamitsume".
  • Turn right to "Shimokuribara" in the 6 th of the signal. About 600m away on the left.
It is 15 minutes by car from Isawaonsen.
It is 20 minutes by car from Erinji.

From any tourist destination in the prefecture, the convenience to transportation is very good.
National highway No. 411 Please aim to (old Route 20) Todoroki crossroads. There is a big sign.

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